The single biggest reason for fundraising through a charity is that it can help increase the funds that you are able to raise. For every £1000 that you raise, you can receive an additional £250 on eligible donations (25% extra). This is because The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust can claim gift aid on donations given by UK taxpayers.

This means that if you need £500,000, you could get to that total much quicker with our support.

For example, if you raise £250,000 in donations, this could produce up to an additional £62,500 in gift aid bringing the total raised to £312,500.


Other ways that fundraising through our regulated channels can make a difference to you:

  • Increased confidence for donors - donors are more likely to donate and to donate larger amounts to fundraising pages that are linked to a registered charity. 
  • People donating know that your fundraising appeal is a genuine appeal for an unwell child. Sadly, fake crowdfunding pages are all too common and it means people can hold back when donating.
  •  Donors can be assured that their funds are save and that they will be used in the correct way. They know the funds will be managed by a charity which is regulated by the Charity Commission.
  • The funds raised are held by the charity and then paid on receipt of invoices to the care providers as stipulated. Often this involves international transfers of large sums of money and as we can take care of this for you, it is one less thing for you to worry about.
  • A fundraising appeal registered with a charity is much more likely to receive corporate donations and to have donations increased with match funding partnerships.
  • A charity registered appeal is able to access possible grants from Trust and Grants foundations. This usually is not possible for a crowdfunding campaign.


How else can we support your fundraising?

  • We can help you set up a dedicated fundraising page for your child and build other fundraising tools to help your appeal including text donations option and QR code opportunities. 
  • We will help give you fundraising advice and advise you about managing social media profiles and digital marketing.
  • As a nationally known charity who has supported children to receive this treatment in the past, we can share your campaign on our website and on our social media pages to increase your reach.

Above all, fundraising for your child can be exhausting and above all overwhelming. We as a charity can be there for you to be a listening ear as you need both during your fundraising and whilst you are abroad with your child as they receive treatment. Having spoken to people we have already supported, this really can make such a difference.


Does the charity take a cut?

At the Grace Kelly Trust, we believe in complete transparency so we endeavour to tell you upfront about what will happen to funds raised and what cut we take.

If you choose fundraise through us, we would use 5% of the total funds raised through your campaign to cover the basic costs that our charity faces by supporting this sort of campaign. This is less than most other charities that support appeals in this way. The 5% is simply to cover our donation provider fee for each donation, financial auditing, and the administration hours required for running a campaign like this. We aim to make no ‘profit’ from child fundraising appeals what so ever.

When you think that gift aid gives an additional 25% on top of eligible donations, even after the 5%, the fundraising appeal will still have an extra 20% on top of what a crowdfunding campaign would raise.


What happens to the funds if we don’t raise enough or they cannot be used?

Firstly, we will do all we can to help support you to raise the funds that your child needs and we will hold the funds for a period of up to 5 years in case your child should need treatment at a later date.

However, as a charity, we do not have the available funds to be able to subsidise treatment campaigns so you would not be able to travel until the full amount of funds are raised. If you raise more funds than you need, we will hold these for up to 5 years in case your child needed repeated treatment in the future.

In the very sad event that your child were to pass away, the funds raised would be transferred to be used for the general charitable purposes of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

Where possible, we would try and use the funds in line with your wishes, for example to fund a piece of childhood cancer research or to help fund our family support service.

For more information, please drop us a message at [email protected] or ring the office on 01905 885777.