Christmas time is often thought of as that special time of year when family and loved ones come together during the festivities. Often the focus of Christmas is very much on children opening presents and having fun.

Unfortunately, Christmas time can also be a time of great sadness when loved ones are no longer with us, especially if the loved one was a child.

This year, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust would like to give parents, families and friends a chance to honour their child or loved one who is sadly no longer here. We are proud to be able to launch our first ever Stars of Light campaign where we can honour those that are sadly missed.

We are inviting you to name a virtual shining star in memory of loved ones taken too soon. If you choose to do this, you can give the star a name, a chosen colour and leave a message as well.

Would you like a star to hang on your Christmas Tree in memory of your loved one?

For those who name a virtual star and donate over £10, we would love to send you a wooden star of light to hang on your Christmas tree. To receive one, please select the option as you are taken through checkout.

Always remembered, your star shining bright.