The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is proud to be a certified member of The PIF TICK (Trusted Information Creator), the only UK-wide quality accreditation mark for print and online health information.

To become a ‘trusted information creator’, the Grace Kelly Trust had to undergo an assessment to show that it met the certification criteria.

This means you can be assured that what you are reading, watching, or listening to is evidence-based, understandable, jargon-free, up-to-date, and produced to the best possible standard.


When you see the PIF TICK on leaflets, websites, apps, or videos it shows an organisation’s health information has been gone through a professional and robust production process. To be awarded the PIF TICK an organisation must show its health information production process meets 10 criteria.

The ten criteria for trustworthy health information are:

  • Information is created using a consistent and documented process
  • Staff are trained and supported to produce high-quality information
  • Information meets an identified consumer need
  • Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence
  • Patients are involved in the development of health information
  • Information is written in plain English
  • Print and digital information is easy to use and navigate
  • Users can give feedback on information
  • Information is promoted to make sure it reaches those who need it
  • The impact of information is measured


NHS organisations, health charities and companies creating, and publishing health information can apply for the PIF TICK. The PIF TICK is awarded after a thorough application and assessment process.


The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust was awarded PIF TICK accreditation in September 2021.