Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Thu, 01/16/2020 - 12:30

Today, we are sharing some incredible news.

Towards the end of 2019, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust helped to  support Oscar Saxelby- Lee and his parents in their fundraising efforts to fund potentially life- saving treatment (Car-T cell) for Oscar in Singapore.

In December, the GKCCT transferred the funds to Oscar's hospital in Singapore, and on Christmas Eve, Oscar received his Car-T cell therapy.

Oscar is only the second child in the world to receive this groundbreaking personalised treatment for T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Up until now, it has only been available for children with B-cell ALL.

Today, his mother contacted us personally with the most incredible news. For the first time since his diagnosis in December 2018, Oscar's MRD (minimum residual disease) levels are 0%. This means that no leukaemia has been detected in his blood or bone marrow at all. The Car -T cell therapy has done exactly as it was hoped to do.



Oscar still has a long way to go. Currently his bone marrow is not working well he has almost no immune system. He now needs to undergo a second bone marrow transplant as well as remaining cancer free before they can hope to return home.

It is early days, but as Oscar’s mother, Olivia has said,

“For now, we are celebrating the news that we never thought we would hear! Thank you to the GKCCT for helping this happen”

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped in any way to help give Oscar this chance.

Working to our charity strapline, "Because the children of today all deserve a tomorrow."