Special named funds

Special named funds are a way to honour a child or adult by raising money for the charity in their name.

If your child is fighting cancer, is in remission, or has sadly passed away, you may consider doing some fundraising or setting up a named fund to honour their fight.

This way you could have a page for your child or loved one that has a running total of funds raised. It is a fantastic way of fundraising without the added pressures of having to set up your own charity.

It can be a comfort to see how your child will be helping others.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to answer any queries you may have.

Biff's Battle

Ella's Fund

Esther's Smiles

Inspirational Issy

Joey's Fund

Max The Brave Fund

Molly's Way

Ru's Fund

Sophie's Wish

Xavi's Fund



Individual treatment funds

Hand in Hand for Oscar

Treatment for Tobias


Terms and conditions of Special Named funds

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust special named funds are part of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, registered charity number 1167783.

Unless otherwise specified, the funds raised are unrestricted to support the work and charitable objectives of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust through raising awareness of childhood cancer and how it may presents, fund research into rare childhood cancers and provide support to families.

These funds are a positive way to honour children currently fighting or in remission by fundraising in their name. We can also provide special named funds for children if they sadly pass away to allow famliies to fundraise in their memory without the pressures of setting up a charity.


Terms and conditions of individual treatment funds

During treatment for rare solid tissue tumours, some families may face the problem that the treatment their child needs is not available in the UK, or is not funded by the NHS. In this situation, the family may have to fundraise for their child#s treatment themselves.

​At the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, we are working to help families to run their own campaigns to try and reach these goals more quickly.

All donations a family receives are paid into the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust’s to fund our general charitable activities including funding a child’s treatment.

The funds raised by this appeal are not restricted for the child’s use, but the trustees of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust have agreed to designate 98% of the funds raised by this journey to help the child and family in paying for potential future treatment costs. (The other 2% is used to cover the administrative costs charged to the charity for donations through a payment page).

​Should the child no longer need the funds or if the trustees decide at their absolute discretion that the funds may be designated for an alternative purpose, they are able to designate all or part of the 98% to other Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust charitable purposes.