If you are reading this page, the likelihood is that your child or a child close to you has recently been diagnosed with childhood cancer.


Finding out that your child has cancer is incredibly difficult to hear, but we hope these resources will help give you more information and let you know about useful support and resources that are available.

This summary should reinforce any information you have been already given and it should answer some of your questions.

If you have any further worries or questions, please discuss them with the healthcare team looking after your child.




Taking care of yourself

As a parent or carer, this is a very difficult time for you too. Many parents talk about going into survival mode, but it is important to take time to look after yourself when you can.

By talking to loved ones or professionals and by asking for practical help when you need it, it really can make a difference. If you do not know where to turn, please speak to your child’s medical care team or your General Practitioner for more support and advice.



What will happen next?

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, there are a number of investigations that they may need to undergo to enable their medical team to determine the best possible treatment plan.

The links below will take you through some of these investigations and procedures your child may need and then some of the treatments that they may receive. 

Investigations that my child may need


Vascular access for children with cancer


Feeding for children with cancer


Treatments that my child with cancer may undergo


Participating in clinical trials


Other useful charity resources, support groups and website links