Molly's Story


Adam and I are the very lucky parents to two wonderful children; Molly and Ted.

We were a normal, healthy family until January 2017 when Molly was diagnosed out of the blue with a malignant rhabdoid tumour in her neck.



She was just a few days shy of her 6th birthday when she started 8 months of gruelling treatment; intense chemotherapy with 5 different drugs, and proton beam therapy over in the US.

This treatment was brutal, but thankfully she survived and her cancer was brought under control. Molly's tumour has been stable for the past 15 months since her treatment finished, and we hope so very much that she will continue to have a positive outcome.

Molly was very lucky that her tumour responded to the chemotherapy available, that her cancer was caught early, and that she was old enough to cope with the chemotherapy regime required to attack this type of cancer.


Moving forwards


We, as a family are so grateful to the GKCCT for all their support throughout Molly’s treatment and beyond, and we feel it is now our mission to try to raise as much money as possible to help this wonderful charity to continue its vital work.

Children with these types of cancers need much more specific, gentler treatments to be developed.

They also need to be diagnosed much more quickly to give them the best chance of survival, and this requires a much greater awareness amongst parents and medical professionals.