Very occasionally, at the complete discretion of our Trustees, we may facilitate families in their fundraising to fund potentially life saving treatment for their child abroad when treatment is not available on the NHS. The treatments must be evidence based and have robust scientific and medical basis for their use. The child also must have exhausted conventional treatment options in the UK and have the backing of their medical team.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for many treatments that are sought abroad, so the GKCCT is only able to facilitate fundraising in a small minority of cases. 

All donations for appeals are paid to the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to fund our general charitable activities including funding a child’s treatment. The funds raised by this appeal are not restricted for the child’s use, but the trustees of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust have agreed to designate 96% of the funds raised by this journey to help the child and family in paying for medical treatment costs. (The other 4% will be used to cover administrative costs, audit and other costs that facilitating an appeal may result in the charity facing).

If the child's family fundraises through the charity, the family must be aware that they are responsible for all other costs including travel, accommodation and insurance for the trip. The charity can only cover costs of the medical treatment and associated supportive care costs, for example physiotherapy whilst undergoing treatment. 

​Should the child no longer need the funds or if the trustees decide at their absolute discretion that the funds may be designated for an alternative purpose, they are able to designate all or part of the 96% to other Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust charitable purposes. We would however always endeavour to consult the family to find out their wishes as to where these are spent where ever possible. 


Historic Individual treatment funds

Hand in Hand for Oscar -  appeal now closed

Treatment for Tobias -  appeal now closed