Claiming Gift Aid

Please have a quick read of the information below for guidance on claiming gift aid. Copies of our form can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

What can gift aid be claimed on?

Gift Aid can be claimed on donations of money made by UK income taxpayers. It is an easy way to help us maximise the value of donations at no extra cost to you.

It can however only be claimed on donations rather than payment for tickets, goods and services.

You cannot claim Gift Aid on:

  • payments for goods and services
  • donations of money from a company
  • gifts made on behalf of other people
  • gifts that come with a condition that the charity buys goods or services from the donor
  • payments received in return for goods or services for example admission to a concert
  • a ‘minimum donation’ where there is no choice about payment
  • gifts made using ‘charity vouchers’ or ‘charity cheques.’

Gift aid tips

Please take a read of the points below to enable us to claim gift aid on as many donations as we can. When filling out a gift aid form:

  • Please fill in your home address rather than your work address (HRMC need to know where you live to claim gift aid).
  • Don’t forget to fill in your donation amount.
  • Please write your full name.
  • Please do not use ditto marks for any information. If these are used we are unable to claim gift aid.
  • Please tick the gift aid box
  • Tick the declaration box if you have read the information and are happy.
  • Please do not fill the form in on someone else’s behalf or as a couple.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in gift aid. An extra 25p in every £1 can make a big difference.

Gift aid & sponsorship form

If you are holding an event or sponsored challenge, you can grab a copy of our form here.

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