Edward's Story

Edward was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma on 30th November 2020, aged 12 years old.

We had never even heard of Ewing’s Sarcoma before and therefore had a lot to learn about this disease and its effect on Edward and our family.


Edward's Treatment

Edward has spent the last year undergoing chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy and at the end of the summer he had surgery to remove the remaining tumour.

The treatment has been gruelling, painful and traumatic. But Edward always managed a smile and would be the first to ask his medical team, “How are you?”

Going through cancer treatment while the country is in lockdown dealing with the Covid outbreak has brought additional challenges, but as a family we just had to make it work.

Our daughter Darcey has been amazing throughout and is now a super independent 15 year old.

The Next Chapter

Edward’s treatment has recently finished but his recovery and ongoing monitoring continues for the rest of his life.

We have had amazing support from family, friends, our medical team and various charities.

The team at Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust were there from day one and we have set up this fundraising page to say thank you for all their support.