Childhood cancer referral guidance - adapted from NICE guidance for suspected cancer, 2015

  • The table below summarizes current NICE guidance for the referral of suspected cancer in children and young people.This guidance relies on the availability of very urgent assessment clinic slots for children (within 48 hours) within secondary care.​

  • Practically, in many regions, there are not the facilities to do this, and immediate admission may be required. Many local pathways advocate immediate admission for most forms of suspected childhood cancer.

  • Be aware of your local guidance.

  • In all circumstances, if the child is clinically unwell or there any other features of immediate concern, please do not delay to admit the child immediately. Children with cancer can in some cases deteriorate very quickly.

  • Consider immediate emergency admission for all very urgent referrals unless completely clinically stable. If cliniically stable to be seen within 48 hours, safety net extensively.