The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust have produced three new  factsheets designed to help general practitioners (GPs) care for children with cancer. These publications  provide an overview of the key considerations in General Practice when caring for a child with cancer.

The series of three factsheets includes a fully revised and updated version of the publication Childhood cancer: Care and treatment which provides information about the key problems likely to arise when a child is being treated for cancer. There are two other new factsheets, one focusing on the care of childhood cancer survivors in adulthood, and another covering end of life care. 

​With over 35,000 childhood cancer survivors in  the UK it is important that health professionals are aware of the specialist needs of childhood cancer survivors. Our third publication covers end of life care for the children for whom curative treatment is sadly not possible. 

General practitioners can play a vital role during end of life care for children and their families but there is little specific guidance currently available. We hope that this publication will help change this. Our factsheets are available to download from our website. Printed copies can also be ordered via the website. They will also be available at hospitals treating children with cancer.

We have been delighted to work in partnership with the Children's cancer and Leukaemia Group to produce these publications by through authorship of the resources and to ensure relevance to General Practice.