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Wed, 07/01/2020 - 09:30



The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is proud to announce the release of two new booklets aimed specifically at children who have sadly have to face the death of their brother or sister. 

The death of a child is a very difficult topic to discuss, and a subject that all parents hope they will never need to know about. Tragically, for a number of families we support, the death of their child sadly becomes their reality. Our booklets are designed to help families when the worst happens.

When any family member passes away, it affects the whole family. When a child dies, the impact can be magnified even further. Bereaved parents have to deal not only with their own grief, but the grief and loss that their other child or children are experiencing. It can be hard to know the best way of explaining things so that children can understand.


Until now, there have been few resources available for younger children who lose a sibling. The team at the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust have been working hard to change this. We have joined up with The Harvey Hext Trust – A Siblings Wish to make some new publications for these children.

These extensively peer reviewed publications aim to provide a simple but truthful explanation to younger children about what has happened. They also aim to serve as a discussion point for older children. They are written in a way that is not faith or belief specific and they are aimed to be suitable for families irrespective of the cause of death of the child.

The booklets have been written, edited and produced by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust with funding support from The Harvey Hext Trust - a Siblings Wish. They will be circulated to the hospices and hospitals throughout the UK that request them.

Jennifer Kelly, Director of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust and author of the booklets said:

“The team at the Grace Kelly Trust are proud to announce the release our booklets for children who are facing the death of a brother or sister. Their production has been very involved as we needed to ensure they were produced in the best possible way. We truly hope that they can help support bereaved children to understand what has happened and to enable them to start to process their thoughts at this exceptionally difficult time.”

Mrs Sarah Hext, Director of The Harvey Hext Trust – a Siblings Wish said:

“The Harvey Hext Trust are absolutely delighted to have been involved in the production of these booklets. We are sure they will help many children up and down the country when faced with the death of their sibling. We would like to thank everyone involved with getting the booklets into production and of course the GKCCT for enabling the charity to contribute.”

Our thanks go to Angus Olsen for his wonderful illustrations, our fantastic peer review team, to Harlow printing and of course to The Harvey Hext Trust - A Siblings Wish for their funding support for these booklets. We hope that they will make things just a little easier for children who sadly lose a brother or sister. They will be sent out to hospitals, hospices, bereavement settings and families across the UK. Our aim is for this resource to be available free of charge to all those that require it in the UK. It can also be downloaded free of charge internationally.

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