AV1 robots for children with cancer

Childhood cancer is a life changing diagnosis. It affects the child diagnosed but also their siblings, parents and their friends and teachers at school. A child with cancer faces prolonged periods of time away from school in isolation and in hospital. The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust cannot change the child’s diagnosis, but we can help to make a real difference by giving them some hope and a level of normality whilst they are fighting their illness.

How do they help?

By giving isolated children this ‘window’ to their friends and the outside world, we can help them to bridge the gap. The AV1 robot allows children in a hospital bed to interact with their classroom and their peers at the same time. Not only does this bring hope and positivity to children (and their families) affected by cancer but also to their peers who are facing the sudden disappearance of their friend. We have seen how much the children that have used our robots have already benefitted.

How many children are we helping?

It is the aim of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to be able to lend AV1 robots to all children with cancer in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire if they face extended or prolonged times in isolation or off school.

In these counties, there are there are approximately 60 to 75 children diagnosed with cancer every year, with around 40 being of school age. Of these school children, more than a half will need extended periods of hospitalisation or isolation during their treatment. We aim to be able to support these children with our AV1 machines wherever possible.

Referrals are made to us directly from cancer specialist nurse teams to ensure that the children that need them are not missed.

How much does an AV1 robot cost?

It costs the charity £300 a month to rent, set up and run an robot for a child or alternatively, it costs just under £6,000 for us to buy a machine out right, set it up, insure it and run it for 24 months.

Although costly, the difference that they can make to very poorly children really is astounding. If you would like to find out more, please contact us for more details.