Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Wed, 05/05/2021 - 09:00

Announcing the release of a new publication written specifically for children that experience significant pain


The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is proud to announce the release of a new booklet aimed specifically for children who are experiencing pain either as a result of cancer, other medical conditions or following surgery. It was written to help them talk about their pain and to understand what can be done to help. 

Pain is difficult for anyone to deal with, especially if the person experiencing it, is a child. Every child is unique in how they experience pain and how they let you know that they are feeling it.

When pain is not adequately controlled it can have a big impact on how happy a child can be. The aim of this booklet is to help parents and carers work with their child and their care team to enable their child to understand the situation in which they are feeling.

This extensively peer reviewed publication provides a simple but truthful explanation to younger children. It has been written, edited, and produced by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust. They will be circulated free of charge to the individuals, hospices and hospitals throughout the UK that request them.

Jennifer Kelly, Director of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust and author of the booklet said:

“The Grace Kelly Trust is proud to have been able to produce this booklet that will make pain less daunting and upsetting for children and their parents. Pain in children is an incredibly difficult subject, and one that is sadly often avoided. However, by approaching this topic in the right way, it can help remove fear for these children. The team at the Trust are passionate about helping make the journey for children with cancer that little bit easier.”

Our thanks goes to Angus Olsen for his wonderful illustrations and to our peer review team for their help and expertise in producing this new resource. Thank you also to our fundraisers for making this project possible.

To download a copy, please see here.

To order copies of this publication free of charge within the UK, see here.