Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Wed, 01/08/2020 - 09:00


We are proud to announce that the booklets we have written to support children with cancer have gone international!

Last year, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust was approached by the Shiyu Children Foundation, one of the most influential childhood cancer charities in China.

We were asked if we would consider the translation of our information booklets so that children in China could also use them. We were pleased to make this possible for this wonderful foundation and allowed them to reproduce our booklets free of charge.


The booklets were initially written and produced by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust (in the UK) and illustrated by our wonderful artist Angus Olsen.

Our booklets have since been translated by the Shiyu Children Foundation, then reviewed by doctors both in China and by Chinese speaking doctors in the UK. This was to ensure their accuracy and Copywrite.

Our booklets are already available online for Chinese children, their parents and carers. The Shiyu Children Foundation and Sunflower Children Charities are now working together to print and deliver these booklets across China to support the families that need it most. It has been a huge pleasure to work with the Shiyu Children Foundation.

Working across the world to help support families of children fighting childhood cancers.

Download: I need a Central line, Chinese translation

Download: I need a PEG Tube, Chinese translation

Download: I need a Port, Chinese translation

Download I need an NG Tube Chinese translation