Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Fri, 11/15/2019 - 11:00

We have recently received a number of queries as to how Oscar Saxelby- Lee is getting on. Currently, Oscar is relatively well in himself and incredibly excited to be about to make a trip on an aeroplane!

Here is the latest news from his mother, Olivia Saxelby:

“Oscar is continuing to fight, but his disease hasn’t responded greatly to the DLI [treatment in the UK involving a top up of donor cells] he was given. It kept [his disease level] down to an extent, but it’s not what we had wished. It’s taken a few days to come to decision. Not only because of the results, but the difficulty in knowing whether each option will cure him. All we want to do is the ‘right’ thing by our baby. So...... in the next few days we shall be on the plane to Singapore. We are scared, we are petrified, we just don’t know if this is the best option, but what we do know is Oscar was given this chance, and we must go for it before it’s too late!

Thank you again to each and every one of you who have made this happen, Oscar’s team at Birmingham Children’s and especially Dr Lawson who has and continues to support us even if it’s the most difficult situation to be in! We love our team here, it will be so hard and we will miss everyone but we feel we will only allow them a few months break before we head back and little Oscar will be once again full of beans terrorising them all."

Oscar's parents have made one of the most difficult decisions a parent could face. After a great deal of research, they have made the brave decision that they believe Oscar’s best chance is by pursuing the Car -T cell therapy in Singapore. As Oscar's mother has mentioned, this has been a very hard decision for them to make but they have made the decision together as a family. It has been made easier by having such a wonderfully supportive medical team at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

In the next few days, once all the administration is sorted, Oscar will be flying to Singapore.

Dr Jen Kelly, Director of the Trust said:

"The team at the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust are proud to have been able to help support Oscar Saxelby-Lee and his parents, Olivia and Jamie through the most incredible fundraising campaign which needed to raise over £500,000 to fund Oscar's treatment. We would like to wish them the very best of luck on this next step of their journey and to say we are rooting for Oscar all the way. 

The funds are ready, but we are currently working hard to sort the final details for the funding of Oscar's treatment and are awaiting on the final paperwork from Singapore before transfers can take place. When this is received, we will be ready and waiting. Thank you so much to the people of Worcestershire for working together to help us give this wonderful little boy this chance. Grace’s legacy was a wish to help other children, and we are so proud to have been able to help support Oscar’s family in this way.

Wishing Oscar, Olivia and Jaime the the very best. We will remain in close contact with the family, helping where ever we can."

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust would also like to thank all members of the community who have supported the charity by fundraising to enable this treatment option to become a reality for Oscar. We will continue to work hard for Oscar but also for so many other children fighting cancer. Our work is far from done and we will keep fighting for all these children.

Because the children of today all deserve a tomorrow.