Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Wed, 11/03/2021 - 10:00



The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is proud to have recently joined with 49 other cancer charities in the UK to become a member of the One Cancer Voice charity coalition.

This is a group of 45 different cancer charities in the UK who are working together to call on the Government to urgently deliver its commitments to improve cancer survival and care in this country and to put cancer patients at the centre of their Covid-19 recovery plans.


Today, we have joined with these 45 cancer charities writing to Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid seeking clarity on workforce funding in the Spending Review - Investment in cancer workforce is critical to clear the cancer backlog, meeting early diagnosis targets & improving survival and care.

We are following up our letter of 8th October to seek clarity and assurance that the announcement in the Spending Review: "The government will provide hundreds of millions of pounds in additional funding over the SR21 period to ensure a bigger and better trained NHS workforce" will meet the needs of people affected by cancer enabling the Government to deliver on its commitments on cancer diagnosis, survival and care.

We recognise and welcome commitments in the Spending Review, notably the additional investment to tackle the backlog and the capital investment for Community Diagnostic Centres which will play a critical role in improving diagnosis of cancer.


However, we fear this investment will not deliver the desired outcome if it is not mirrored by an accompanying increase in staffing levels to deliver these services. We therefore seek urgent clarity on the level of funding that Health Education England will receive and how additional investment will be targeted.


To read the full letter, please see here.