Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Mon, 06/24/2019 - 09:00


We are delighted to announce the release of three new booklets written specifically for children. These have been created on the request of oncology professionals and the parents of children with cancer.

Currently, there is very little literature that is suitable for young children who need medical procedures. The team at the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust have been working hard to change this with an information series for children.

Simple explanations and pictures can be so useful to help children understand and process what is happening to them. This in turn helps to address some of their fears and anxieties.

Our new booklets are designed to cover three devices that children with cancer (and other children with certain medical conditions) often face.  Almost all of these children will have a central line or a vascular access port to enable their treatments to be given. The booklets cover central (Hickman) lines, Port-a-caths and G - tubes (tummy feeding tubes) and are designed to be part of a series with our already released booklet on NG tubes for children. Our thanks goes to Angus Olsen for his beautiful illustrations.

The parents of children with cancer asked for more resources for their children so this is what we have worked to do. The booklets have been designed and written in a way to be unintimidating but truthful too, something that is of vital importance. Written by medics and peer reviewed by experts, they are designed to complement the information given by their child's medical team. 

Our publications are free to order by individuals and treatment centres throughout the UK. Thank you to our fundraisers for making the production of these booklets possible. 

To read or download our new publications, please see the links below:

To order our publications free of charge in the UK, please see our publication order page.