Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Mon, 05/20/2019 - 09:00




The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is pleased to announce the release of a new publication for the families of children with cancer. 

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, they usually require the fitting of a special device to make blood tests and the giving of medications a little easier. 

Parents can be faced with difficult words such as central line, port-a-cath and picc line but still need to understand what is happening to their child. The aim of this publication is to complement the information and advice already given by their child's medical team.


This booklet also covers feeding tubes. For many children, a feeding tube forms a vital part of cancer treatment, but there is a lack of standardised written information available.  As a parent it is hard to prepare your child for a procedure when you are not sure what to expect yourself. 

Paper copies of Lines, Ports and Tubes are available free of charge across the UK. We are also in the process of distributing them to major treatment centres nationally. Electronic copies can be downloaded free of charge.

These booklets will help make the childhood cancer journey just a little easier.

To order paper copies of the booklet or any of our other resources, please go to our publications order page here.