Childhood Cancer Awareness / by Jennifer Kelly
Thu, 01/26/2017 - 12:45

Cancer is the biggest non-accidental cause of death of children in the UK.


This means that other than accidents, more children die from cancer than any other cause.

This includes heart problems, meningitis, cystic fibrosis and all other conditions that can cause death in children.

Despite this, the amount spent on research remains very small.

2014/15 figures show that:

- Just over £9 million was spent on research into childhood cancer (government and charity funding)

-  £550 million was spent at the same time researching adult cancers.    

This means that less than 1.3% of all research funding is spent on childhood cancer. The rest is spent on adults.

For comparison

The UK spends £73 million year on research for dementia (also an important area)

               £550 million on research into adult cancers

               £369 million on the Buckingham palace refurbishment

               £28 million a year on prisoners lunches (just lunches,

                      not including the rest of the day)

Yet just £9 million on the biggest non accidental cause of death of our children, the future of our country.

The question is, should we spend three times as much every year on lunches for prisoners as we do on research into the biggest killer of our children?

When looked at in this way, it really does become apparent that we need to do something. NOW.

Childhood cancers are very different to adult cancers, and as such need different treatments and different research, so it in not simply a case of adult research covers children too.

So what can we do? Firstly please share this blog and raise awareness If you can

Join our fight,

Take on a personal challenge or fundraise and raise awareness too. Donate or see if your school or work would like to fundraise for us this year.

Share our signs and symptoms cards and help us fight for our children.

For Angel Grace and all the angels and children fighting.