Press Release / by Jennifer Kelly
Mon, 11/04/2019 - 15:00


As many of our local supporters are aware, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust has been taking part in a special Centenary Tesco Bags of Help voting round. 

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have been awarded first place in the voting across the Three Counties (Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire).

It has been confirmed we will be receiving an amazing £25,000 to provide a much-needed boost to our AV1 project for local children with cancer.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone that voted for us to make this possible. With your help, we are going to be able to help so many more children in the local area.

We have received funding for our project called,"Childhood Cancer: from hospital to classroom." When a child is diagnosed with cancer, they face extended hospital stays and often prolonged periods in isolation as their immune systems are not strong enough to cope with normal childhood illnesses. We are using online technology with AV1 robots to keep them connected with school and friends. 


We are already proudly supporting three local children with AV1 robots. It has been wonderful to see how they have brought comfort to these children, their families and to their schools.

At present, these machines are rented, but the funds we are now receiving from Tesco Centenary Bags of Help means we will be able to buy these machines and others outright. 





Dr Jen Kelly, founder of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust said:

“We are delighted to have received the maximal funding from the Tesco Centenary Bags of Help funding round. Our thanks go to everyone that has voted for us and of course to Tesco Bags for giving us this opportunity. This funding will help us to reduce isolation and bring hope to local children with cancer.


It has been wonderful to see how our AV1 machines have brought comfort to our families and this funding will enable us to help even more families. As a charity we would also like to remember and honour Ben Crowther who was the inspiration behind this project." 

Alec Brown, Head of Community at Tesco, said:

“Bags of Help contributes funds to community projects up and down the country and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from customers voting in their local stores. We’re looking forward to seeing more projects brought to life.”


For more information on the Tesco Bags of Help scheme, please see here.