Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Mon, 02/27/2017 - 12:00

Today, an educational modul was released bythe Royal College of GeneralPractice, called Cancer in children and young people. It was funded jointly by Clic Sargent and the Teenage Cancer Trust, but we are proud to have helped in its development. It really is a fantastic educational resource.

We were approached by Clic Sargent to help with the module in terms of the module content and form a General Practitioner standpoint. We were involved in the peer review of the module and as well, and for the use of our Regional Red Flags awareness card which features in the module.

This e-learning module is aimed at General Practitioners and other clinicians to help raise awareness of cancer in children and young people among doctors. It is accessible to all clinicians, and can be used for CPD learning points as part of their appraisal process, encouraging as many GPs to participate as possible.

In particular, it concentrates on helping doctors identify early signs and symptoms that could point to a diagnosis of cancer, and deal with them appropriately.

The module includes the story of Hannah, and how a delayed diagnosis may have altered her outcomes. Her parents, Simon and Donna have been doing a great job working with Clic Sargent to use Hannah's story to help other children, and I am proud to know them. Hannah passed away just a couple of weeks before Grace in 2014.

One of the objectives of the Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust is to raise awareness and knowledge of the signs and symptoms of cancer in children and young people. As such, this has been a fantastic project to work on with Clic Sargent and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

To have our information and awareness card being utilised by the Royal College of Practitioners is fantastic. The legacy that Grace has helped build, really is going to help so many children.

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