Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Wed, 07/17/2019 - 09:00


The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is delighted to award £80,000 of grant funding to support a vital piece of research into rhabdoid tumours and other rare aggressive cancers of childhood.

This research has been made possible by a wonderful team of fundraisers at Molly's Way, one of our Special Named Funds.


The project will be carried out by Dr Paul Huang at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and by Dr Daniel Williamson at Newcastle University. 

The study aims to identify which molecules inside cells drive the growth and spread of these tumours. It will use this information to reveal new and badly needed treatment strategies for these young patients, as well as developing real-time diagnostic tests for personalising their treatment.

There is an urgent need to discover new treatments with greater effectiveness as well as to design new molecular tests that can identify which children will benefit from existing drugs. We hope that in time, the findings from this study will form the basis of future clinical trials into new or refined treatments for rhabdoid tumours. 

Dr Paul Huang, Team Leader in Molecular and Systems Oncology at The Institute of Cancer Research, said:

"Very little is known about why current treatments are effective in some children with these rare cancers but not in others, or why treatment initially has some benefit but quickly wears off. By studying these cancers in detail, down to the level of individual molecules, we hope to uncover new drug targets and simple tests to reveal if a child might be suitable for a particular drug. We would like to help pave the way for each child to receive a personalised treatment plan."

About Molly's Way

Molly's Way is one of our Special Named Funds at the GKCCT. It was set up to honour Molly's journey after she was diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumour. We are delighted to report that Molly is doing extremely well. Her latest scans are stable and she is looking forwards to spending a fantastic summer with her family.

The majority of the funds were raised through an incredible ball held by the Grange School Parents Association in Hartford.

Molly's mother, Louise said:

"We are so happy to have been able to help drive research into rhabdoid tumours forward and support the fantastic work of the GKCCT."

Thank you to Molly, Adam and Louise Chapman and all the fundraisers at Molly's Way for their incredible support of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust. Our thanks also goes to the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group and their Research Advisory Board for their expert guidance in the assessment of potential projects.