Charity news / by Jennifer Kelly
Tue, 01/29/2019 - 09:45

We are pleased to  announce the release two new information booklets for the children and parents affected by childhood cancer.


When people think of children with cancer, they will often think of bald but smiling children. Pain is not something that many observers will think about.


Unfortunately, pain is common in children with cancer and especially during treatment, but for some it continues afterwards. Pain can be caused by the cancer itself but also by the treatments given to fight it.




We asked the parents of children who have had treatment for cancer about where they felt further information would be beneficial. The subject of pain was mentioned frequently, so we decided to tackle this tough topic to make children’s journeys with cancer a little more comfortable. 


The first booklet, “Managing Your Child’s Pain” teaches parents how to recognise pain in their child and gives techniques to help them manage it in different situations, for example, how to distract a child during a medical procedure. We then explore the different types of pain relief that children with  cancer may be offered and then explain how they work and how best to use them.


The second booklet, “When Pain Does Not Go Away,” is written for children and their parents when pain continues to be a problem for the longer term. It explains about long term) chronic pain and why it can happen. The booklet also looks at various treatment approaches and why it is important to have the input from a range of professionals to help manage this pain.


Oncology care teams do an incredibly good job taking care of children with cancer but we know that additional written resources can be helpful and reassuring for both parents and children.


These publications are designed to help both the children and parents but also to work alongside the care team to explain what is happening and how their child can be helped. These booklets have been written by medics and then peer reviewed by experts in the field of paediatric oncology including consultants, nurses, pain psychologists and also parents.


Our aim is for our booklets to become a resource which can be routinely given to the parents of children with cancer. The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is in the process of dispersing them to all major treatment centres of childhood cancer in the UK. These booklets can also be downloaded from our website and can be ordered free of charge in the United Kingdom.

Making things a little easier for families fighting childhood cancer.


You can order our publications here.